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The Client

Κorres is a Greek company founded in 1996 in Athens by pharmacist Georgios Korres from the island of Naxos. It produces beauty products for women and men, based on natural ingredients (and partly on homoeopathy) and it was a pioneer in Greece in this sector.

As of June 2015, the company had stores in ten European countries, including Singapore and South Korea.

The Project

Korres assigned us to manage and prepare a special influencer’s campaign to raise awareness in the Cypriot market and help us establish the relaunch of the Black Pine.

For the best execution of our plan, we separated it into two levels. Each level created awareness and product consideration using different angles of our product and message, to achieve the primary target: increasing the product's sales.

The Objectives

  • Product Recognition in Cypriot Market
  • Create awareness for the relaunch of Black Pine, the philosophy and the technology that is used.
  • Increase sales for Korres Black Pine Range
  • Familiarise the audience with the brand’s products and generate sales from the Influencer Campaign.

Influencer Plan Level #1

People with Influence

We decided to send a Korres Kit with the Black Pine products to the Cypriot Media such as a group of journalists and people from the Radio. The kit included a Black Pine branch and a personal cover letter that explained the story and the philosophy of Symmetry that Korres follows and the updated 4D claims.

In this way, we introduced our new campaign to the key people in the Media industry and prepare the audience for the next phase of our campaign.

We have sent a Korres Kit with the Black Pine products to the radio producer & blogger Klelia_yiasemidou and actress nikidragoumi. They both released Instagram stories on their accounts, showing in detail the unboxing process, and the products while mentioning the benefits.

In this way, we have created a brand and product recognition in the local market. 

Influencer Plan Level #2

Inspirational and Creative Influencers

Our goal was to communicate Korre’s story and our campaign message. We wanted people to understand our philosophy and feel the majesty of Symmetry and its role in everyday life. To achieve it, we collaborated with Andria Aletrari and Joanna Lampropoulou, that have an active presence on SM to talk about Symmetry in their lives and their daily activities.

How? We asked the influencers to create a series of Instagram stories, explaining the role of Symmetry in their area and how it affects the way they live. In each story, the influencer connected the Black Pine and the benefits of the products with the narration of their story.

Message: Symmetry in our life

Goal: To inspire the audience and connect them with our story.

The main channel of communication was the Instagram platform, while the look & feel of this campaign we wanted to be Inspirational, Educational, and Relaxed.

Joanna Lampropoulou

  • Step 1: We asked Joanna Lampropoulou, to create an IG Video Reel, and show her favorite skincare routine. We wanted the style of the video to be simple and casual, with references to the daily life of the influencer and some things that can affect the health of her skin. (e.g. affected by bright lights on filming, or due to lack of sleep and long hours of filming)We wanted natively, to mention the USPs of the products and the 4D Claims.  
    Particularly, to show the result on her skin after using the products while emphasizing our tagline- as is one of the things she notices on her face every morning such as there is a feeling of symmetry in her face.
  • Step 2: After a few days, we asked the influencer to release a series of stories, where she will remind her audience about the Black Pine products and shows that she uses them. The main focus here was the products, so the audience was able to familiarize themselves with them.

Andria Aletrari

As she is a fashion designer, we asked her to create a series of stories that were inspirational, fresh, and modern. We wanted to focus on the products, without the human element and mention the benefits of each of them.

The stories were artistic as we wanted to differentiate the content on each influencer, so we can target different audiences

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