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Have you been struck by the Covve effect? If not, then soon you will. Covve is more than just a startup. It is a masterfully put together CRM software made to grow your business. In a few simple words, Covve’s AI-powered News Engine will notify you of news affecting your contacts, so you can reach out. You also receive auto–reminders to minimise the risk of losing touch with people. Opium Works teamed up with fellow Covve–rebels to develop a holistic brand strategy. 

The aim was to establish that Covve is one of the must–have tools for diverse, highly qualified, and driven individuals who bring collective experiences across an array of sectors. We were tasked to design and develop a website that would raise awareness about the company's benefits and generate downloads. We opted for a minimal design that was in line with Covve's contemporary identity. We also took on the company's social media to raise awareness and foster engagement. 

By writing witty captions and creating visuals, we portrayed the company as a forward–thinking, big picture oriented way of living. Templated content with large expanses of blue colour and bold typography further enhanced the brand's identity. We gave Covve an ownable visual and verbal language that delivers its message loud and clear: when under the influence of Covve, you never loose touch. 

Our team
Christophoros Tzirtzipis
Growth Strategist
Digital Marketing
Virginia Sakka
Digital Marketing
Harout Adourian
Graphic Designer
Eleonora Xenophontos
Digital Account Executive
Digital Marketing

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