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The Concept

WTF is a youthful food channel that’s all about creative absurdity served in quick and easy recipes, and fun engaging content. One of the key aspects of WTF’s success is the drive to keep its content fresh, while always maintaining its signature vibe, and never compromising on what sets it apart from other similar accounts. To successfully navigate the thin line that leads to the sweet spot where all the above traits meet, we are constantly brainstorming ideas and trying new things, and meet certain criteria, such as WTF’s distinct sense of humour, its teen spirit, as well as its inherent curiosity to try out and discover brand-new, quirky, tasty, and easy-to-make recipes. This is where we landed on the incorporation of influencer marketing as the answer to further establishing a fun and engaging relationship with our young audience.

The Execution

We introduced a new form of content to the channel, through a new video series, in collaboration with beloved Cypriot influencers. Over the next few months, several influencers would showcase exciting recipes, undertake fun challenges, try out weird combos, visit public locations in Cyprus, and many more. 
Also, we actively embraced current pop culture, through memes and carefully curated content that capitalised on trending topics at all times. Finally, seasonal content has always been a cornerstone of WTF’s identity. As such, Halloween and Christmas 2023 were mostly focused on generating our own festive experience for WTF’s followers.

WTF By KEAN Group: SM Management Q4 2023

The Results

WTF’s multi-faceted approach and free-spirited nature allowed us to be creative and experiment with multiple types of content, which finally led to an unpredictable food channel that is effortlessly separated from competitors. People’s love and appreciation for WTF and its influencer collaborations is evident through the impressive numbers it recorded in its first months, from September to December 2023.

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