Social Media Management for Beauty Bar

Beauty Bar - “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful”

Beauty Bar is an urban modern store, combined with an edgy industrial look that aims at offering women a unique experience when buying their beauty goods.  The store offers a variety of products such as cosmetics, skin care, fragrances and beauty accessories.

Our collaboration with Beauty Bar started in September 2016. Their Facebook Page was active and running from January 2016. We needed to think of creative ways to distinguish the brand from it’s competitors. In only 3 months of hard work and dedication we achieved the following: 


The Challenge

The challenge was for social media to be used as the only promotional tool for the three stores in Cyprus.  Creating Beauty Bar’s brand identity proved to be the biggest challenge, along with understanding the target audience and finding the appropriate tone of voice to use through social media. Beauty Bar had to stand out through their edgy designs.  Their posts and visual presence on social media had to depict the industrial look of the stores.  Rather than the standardized beauty images, Beauty Bar had its own take on beauty; a certain undeniable rebelliousness against the ordinary. 

Digital Branding

Because Beauty Bar is fairly new to the social media world and its competitors are already more well established in terms of page likes, it was evident that Beauty Bar would have to find its own strengths.  Beauty Bar is unlike other standard beauty pages because it is consistent with its messages and more importantly is human.  Its messages reach primarily millennials, so it keeps a fun and cheeky tone of voice with whatever it posts.  Beauty Bar’s tagline is that it is ‘Hip, Fun, Modern, Affordable Beauty for Everyone!’.  This tagline is a filter through which all their content passes through.  All the posts are young and playful combined with attractive visual imagery of their products or any relevant theme.

Most importantly, their purpose is for each online post to represent the physical look of their store and to bring that industrial look through on their posts. An example of this are their themed posts against a grainy black brick wall with retro neon lighting (can be applicable to their competitions and offers). 

Content Mix

We identified our audience which were 13-17yrs old and we understood what kind of content they like. We created content that Beauty Bar fans would be willing to engage with, all the while keeping Beauty Bar’s brand identity in mind. We developed Beauty Bar’s brand voice, tone and language online through Facebook and Instagram. The aim is to develop content that builds connections with its audiences and inspires interaction and engagement on social media platforms. 

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