Social Media Management for Burger King Cyprus

From Zero To Hero

We started working with Burger King since July 2015 on a retainer basis. We were selected after a pitch process, and our main goal was to help them in their Digital Launch.  

Our objective was clear; create the biggest Digital Fast Food Launch in Cyprus while educating and overcoming the prejudices that people had about the brand.

Content Mix

We identified our audience soon, 17 - 24 years old and we understood what kind of content they like, so we created the content that BK Fans were willing to engage with. We produce our own original content of images that represent Burger King’s philosophy, identity, brand voice and recognizable look. We narrate the brand’s story with content that inspire its audience, build connections and grow in all social media platforms. We showcased the design of the new restaurant's’, authenticity of products and create visual content  for  digital campaigns.

We created and established a continuous conversation with brand followers.
We consider Burger King to be one of our TOP brands, but one of the best Social Media Brands in Cyprus. Our online presence is tremendous and we built up a strong relationship with all of our Burger King fans. 

Most Successful Campaigns

"Spot The Bus"

Burger King utilized outdoor advertising to promote the launch of their new restaurant at Phinikoudes, so we took this opportunity to create an Integrated campaign between Social and Outdoor.

The concept was simple, people just had to take a picture of the bus and share it on the Burger King’s FB page for a chance to win a free meal.

After the success of the first competition we decided to do the same for the launch of Paphos Delivery Service and the opening of Nicosia and Limassol restaurants with equal success.


Burger King Launch – Limassol

"Cape & Crown Project"

This specific activity was designed to intrigue and create a buzz for Burger King’s store opening in Limassol. Our objective was to come up with a creative, yet cost effective solution, targeting Limassol and its people.
We decided to focus on five well-known and recognizable areas of Limassol and we photographed the royal cape and crown. We started posting the photographs prior to the store’s opening day. Every image was placed and advertised on Facebook with the text “ x km away from happiness, away from home…” hinting our new location, but allowing a gamification between our social media followers.  
The huge success of this project was based on the local content and the extremely successful CPC that came as a result of how much Limassol liked our posts. We successfully reached 90% of the local population on Social Media and made them feel that we were extremely happy to be coming to their city.

Most Engaging Competitions (ad hoc)

"Chicken Fries Launch"

Description: Guess the name of our NEW product and enter the draw for a chance to be one of the BIG four winners.


Stores Openings

"Guess the Date and Time"


"Ice Ice Baby"

Description: Name the artist of this famous song and enter the draw to get a donut for FREE with your next meal at#BurgerKingCyprus #OldSchool #HipHop 


Stores Openings (Larnaca, Nicosia-Acropoli, Limassol, Nicosia - Engomi)


Google Ads

In less than a year, we ran 7 campaigns. We ran and optimize campaigns for YouTube Ads and Display Ads for the openings of the restaurants.

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