Social Media Management for Weetabix

The Brand

Weetabix manufactures England’s most favorite breakfast cereal since 1932. Made from British Wheat, Weetabix leads the cereal category in the UK and is enjoyed in various countries around the world. From the creation of the first Weetabix biscuit, today’s product range consists of 36 delicious and wholesome breakfast cereals and bars.

Executive Summary

We started working with Weetabix in January 2015.  Opium Works is responsible for the Digital Marketing activities of the brand. Our main objectives were: to promote Weetabix products and help brand identify their customers online.


The main challenges of Weetabix are to educate people about their products, and maximize consumer awareness of their benefits.

We promote the products of the brand by creating unique and memorable new experiences for the audience. Thus, the results (graph above) are based on our purpose: to attract and retain customers by consistently creating valuable content with the intention of changing or enhancing consumer behavior. Our social media strategy contains two important tasks: to target audience and schedule posts for social media accounts. It is important to mention here that Weetabix follows strict guidelines and content from the international brand. Thus, our content for Weetabix Cyprus needs  to be localized and at the same time to follow these guidelines. We work closely with Cake International (the International Digital Agency responsible for Weetabix) to create the content mix for each month.

Service Offering: Graphics Creation

Successful Activities

"Spot The Difference"

‘Spot the difference’ was a game competition in which users had to identify the differences between the two images. It’s goal was to promote the launch of the Weetabix FB page, attract users and create awareness. The prizes were the following: 1st winner-MOTION Bike and the other 10 users with the highest scores-Weetabix products.

People entered the game, and started playing. They also had the ability to share and/or invite their friends to play the game.  

Upload and Win Competition

The ‘Upload and Win’ competition was a Facebook app in which users had to register their information (name and email address) and upload a picture of how they enjoy their Weetabix. The objective of this competition was to promote the countless ways you can enjoy Weetabix.

After they uploaded their picture, users had to share their photo-participation in order to gain votes (likes). The picture with the most likes won the first prize. In total we had 6 winners getting different types of awards, from a GoPRO camera to a package full of Weetabix products. The Facebook competition was promoted for a month through Facebook Advertising.

The promotion of the competition was done by using three different campaigns.  
1. Page Likes
2. Post Engagement
3. App Engagement


In addition to this, we created a new campaign #YourWeetabixCyprus (after the competition was over) in which we shared Weetabix recipes made from fans (fans had to upload a picture of their Weetabix meal). The results were high and non paid, as people liked the idea and started sharing even more recipes with us.

Find the New Product and Win

The launch of the new product ‘Crunchy Bran’ made us look for ways to promote it digitally. As the budget was limited, we came with the idea of the GIF competition. The graphics for each product and the gif were both created by us. The concept of the competition was simple. Users had to ‘stop’ the gif on the NEW product, once they did, they had to take a screenshot and share it with us. 
The competition was running for 9 days. The first 50 people who could find and post the right image would win 2 packages of the new product. As soon as we published the competition, we received 152 comments before the end of the day. The results were beyond expectations, therefore we decided with the client to increase the prize, instead of stopping the competition. 

We re-posted the GIF thanking everyone for taking part in the competition and announced that due to high success we are increasing the prize. Therefore, people kept on playing. We were going to choose 30 more winners (after the first 50) through a ballot to win 1 package of the NEW product.

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