We Create Custom built Apps For Your Brand

How we can help you win

Our ultimate goal is to create memorable user experiences that will help you reach your business objectives.

The apps and games we develop, offer immersive user experiences with the potential to build memorable brand stories. Superior technical know-how, expertise in design and development and low turnaround time are factors that have helped us earn an impressive clientele.

Polls, Quizzes, and Sweepstakes

We create fun, interactive, unique experiences such as Quizzes, Leaderboards, Polls, Sweepstakes, Photo competitions, Voting Based Competitions, Sales Offers and more.

Landing Pages, Downloads, and Forms

Collect entries through forms or social network actions. Pick random winners, distribute unique codes, capture forms for newsletter campaigns and more.

Facebook Page Apps

We create custom made Facebook page tabs to feature your brand’s Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts, create custom tabs to demonstrate your brand’s services, or showcase the menu of your restaurants.





Why build a Facebook Application?

Facebook Applications such as branded games and competitions can spark conversations. They can go viral and reach extended networks. They can help your brand create a memorable experience.

You need to think of how to entice and engage your brand’s followers in more direct ways. Sure, having existing and potential customers “liking”, “commenting” and “sharing” your content is great, but how do you go about driving actual store visits, directly engaging customers with your products and involving the customer with your product experience?

The answer is via customized Facebook Applications!

We take your app ideas to a new level with end-to-end web and mobile app development services. Our team has over 4 Years of experience on board and has delivered multiple commercial grade applications. Here are few examples:



Royal Canin Puzzle Game

This very successful Facebook Mini Game was created for our favorite pet food manufacturer. In order to target dog owners in Cyprus and increase our brand awareness while gathering actual demographic info, we created this branded puzzle game.

Users could select to solve puzzles using Royal Canin pictures that were categorized in Dog sizes.

By selecting the specific category the user could then go ahead and play the puzzle game and try to beat the clock and their opponents.

Pet owners loved the game and also used the viral features "advertising" their scores to their friends and families, essentially become avid brand promoters for Royal Canin

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