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The Challenge

Glow is one of the newest additions in Cyprus Beauty Scene! Fresh, contemporary and a beauty heaven. With all the leading beauty brands decorating its shelves, Glow is the place to be for Millennial beauty lovers. Glow Beauty aimed to create a digital brand identity highlighting the expertise of its employees while educating and inspiring its followers, through engaging content with bright colors and interesting visuals.

What did we do?

To help the brand achieve its goals, we created content based on the products Glow promotes. Our goal was to educate users about their benefits and the ways to better utilize the products they buy. We also created templated visuals to use on stories inspired by the glam of the Glow logo. Glow needed to stand out for something that would be its USP but at the same time something that would describe its core vision. To raise brand awareness along with the engagement rate of Glow on Instagram, we run some very tempting Giveaways with the most popular and desirable beauty products.

The idea & the hashtag

Glow stands for sustainability and cruelty-free beauty. The tagline “Protect what protects you” is based on the idea that we have to protect the planet and the environment which gives us all the material to stay beautiful and healthy. We gave Glow an eco-friendly orientation to its content using badges on stories to show the “Vegan” and “Cruelty-Free” character of the products and we established the hashtag #GoSustainableAndGlow, to promote this philosophy.

The Influencers

To spread our important message across platforms easily and effectively, we run an Influencers Campaign with some of the most popular local Millennial influencers, both women and men. Through a series of stories and posts,they helped us promote the variety of products Glow has to offer, as well as the hair salon Miele is located in the Glow Store.

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