Tell Your Story Your Way

We build our News Portals on Thunder®, an open source content management system (CMS) for professional publishing.

Built on Drupal 8, Thunder enables its users to benefit from the Drupal community's continuous development efforts, as well as from specific modules contributed by Hubert Burda Media, and other publishers and industry partners, that make up the Thunder Coalition.

With the Thunder Coalition, Burda is establishing a culture of collaboration and sharing within the publishing industry. Thunder is 100% non-profit – it was released as open source software under the GNU General Public License. All publishers can use and enhance the system with no licensing cost.


Create thrilling articles with multimedia content. With Thunder, it’s easy to enhance your article with pictures, video, and social media snippets, and get your story heard. No more frustrating limitations on what you can or cannot insert in your stories.


Add pictures, galleries and videos to your article by simply dragging and dropping everything right where you need it!



Over 75% of users are looking at your articles on mobile and tablet devices, so your new website should operate flexibly. With Thunder, editors and administrators can work from any device – on the go, easy and fast. Users also benefit from a modern, practical front end.



Schedule Content

Plan the exact time and date when your articles are published – and when they become no longer visible to the public.



Flexible System

Do you want more? Benefit from a wide range of additional functionality by industry partners or by one of more than 2,500 modules from the Drupal community. Even better - we can create and connect to any external modification you choose.


It’s estimated that 80% of people get their news online as opposed to printed media or through television— and over two thirds of those people are looking at articles on mobile. Building an online news portal is therefore a no-brainer if you are looking to engage your audience when sharing information relevant to your business or industry.

Thunder, the Drupal 8-based CMS for professional publishing, gives you the option to work on and edit your content from anywhere, on any device. The WYSIWYG-editor allows you to enhance your articles with multimedia quickly, with straightforward features such as click and drag to move content. Countless modules allow for customisation and extra control, such as being able to set a future date when an article will publish or unpublish.

Like the sound of what Thunder can do? Contact us for further discussion on how this open-source CMS distribution could benefit you and your business.