Visit Nicosia Campaign

Content creation is essential for the promotion and the engagement with potential and existing customers, accomplishing brand awareness and highlighting your company as an expert leader in your industry. Visit Nicosia is a semi-governmental organisation, aiming to attract more tourists in Cyprus’ capital. Nicosia is the cultural, political, economic and administrative capital, though it lacks tourism due to the absence of sea. Our aim was to create appealing and interesting content in order to inform tourist, locals and foreigner, on the activities they can have in Nicosia, the capital’s worth as a tourists’ destination.

Also, information on the nightlife and the beautiful natural getaways are constantly updated. Built a landing page that included a form with special discounts and a listing of museums with free entry. Users could fill in their name and nationality to access the discount coupons, download them and present them at their arrival at the museums. Utilised Google Adwords, Facebook, and Instagram to drive traffic to the landing page. With Google Display, we were able to raise awareness, and with Search, we were able to reach people who intended to visit Cyprus, showing them specific things they could do, including visiting the capital city and its museums.

We were able to track how many people visited the website and landing page, how many filled in the form, as well as from which country they were coming! Finally, we were also continuously analysing the results, driving to identify trends, opportunities and, of course, improve our existing campaigns.

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