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The Project

In December 2020 we worked on a project with Cablenet for the promotion of one the year’s most important Derbies: APOEL vs Omonoia. Working together with the marketing team and in collaboration with their Sports team, we were able to create a social media campaign around the Derby, organized & having gone live in just 1 week! 
The goals of the campaign were to increase Instagram followers, increase engagement and to remain relevant to this happening whilst promoting the Football CY+ TV package.
The plan consisted of a series of social media posts, stories and a major competition!

The Plan: 
Our creative team took on the concept presenting various approaches for who our social media posts could take form. Along with this, they created an awesome branding template that would be used to dress up all of the campaign's creatives.

The template was carefully created to accommodate:

  • Logo placements
  • Balance between team colours
  • Branding colours
  • Clear look & feel 


Our visuals included:

  1. Announcement Video
  2. Subscription/Product Visuals
  3. IG Stories presenting player skills comparing the two teams
  4. IG Interactive Poll Stories with ‘painful’ choices any sports fan would have to make
  5. Competition Visual
  6. Behind the Scenes Stories

All of these were dressed up with the template to keep a consistent and branded communication message throughout the campaign duration.  

The highlight of the campaign was the Instagram competition which was aimed at growing the Instagram page. Since the goal was clear, we needed a clear and simple mechanism for execution. Hence we went with a: Like, Tag & Follow approach! We asked users to simply state their favourite team, tag a friend for double entry, and follow our page. The competition was also announced on the Cablenet Facebook page, driving further traffic towards the Instagram page! Two lucky winners would win a signed T-Shirt from their favourite team. We got crazy engagement on the competition and increased followership  by 343 new follows within a week. Score!

Overall , each campaign post was promoted with a dedicated ads budget to ensure our targets would be met. Our marketing team setup the different ads on Facebook, Instagram & YouTube with different objectives for each post based on our end goal. Our objectives ranged from Reach to Engagement to Traffic.

The campaign was considered highly successful rendering awesome results, and we had so much fun doing it!

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