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The Proposal

Looking to further expand our creative collaboration with Cablenet, we put forward a proposal for launching an account on the innovative TikTok platform. The intention was to build on brand awareness and maintain relevance and engagement among online users by growing the company’s exposure on a predominantly youth-led platform. By sustaining Cablenet’s visual identity and implementing short-lived trends, funny and informative thematics, emojis and branded hashtags that would make the account appear organically to users searching for similar content, we were in for a visionary task; to establish Cablenet as a leading telecommunications brand in the TikTok scene with a trusted community, as the first of its kind in Cyprus.

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The Execution

We proceeded to prepare a fully organic-growth strategy for unique creative content that would apply to both TikTok’s requirements for success, in terms of trending sounds, transitions and keywords to increase the account’s searchability, and Cablenet’s identity. We wanted to personify the brand by using humour as a key feature, as well as hiring actors to bring in a more authentic, humane and approachable element to gain viewers’ trust and commitment. Our launch’s content included a great mix of entertaining and educational videos, in alignment with the platform’s amusing character, while also highlighting the benefits of Cablenet’s services and expertise. One key objective was to create a loyal fanbase and a trusted community on TikTok, by creating ongoing virtual conversations with users through our videos and also staying in touch with things they are concerned, interested with or wanted to learn more about.  

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The Results

Cablenet’s TikTok account was off to a groundbreaking start and continues to bring in incredible numbers in terms of engagement and reach, as the account keeps getting discovered organically with older content still performing well. Within 4 months, our branded hashtag managed to garner 129K views, with 87% of traffic coming from FYP. That meant that our mission to have our content discovered organically worked out tremendously, and even reached an all-time high of 95% for one month, which shows our viewers are becoming loyal and are watching our videos at their own will. Another great achievement was that our comments section, even in such a short time, started recognising SEO keywords, which meant we had already reached a great searchability level.

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