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the client

Cobalt was an international airline based in Cyprus. In 2017 they were awarded the Start-up Airline of the Year award by CAPA – Centre for Aviation. Cobalt were flying to 20 destinations across 12 countries, Cobalt was the largest airline from the Republic of Cyprus with a network that covers Europe and the Middle East.

the challenge

The challenge was to increase the number of sales coming from Google Search, decrease the average cost per conversion so we could get more sales with the same budget, and get lower cost per click… all the while remaining competitive!

our approach

The first thing we did was to restructure the account, meaning that we:

 1) Broke down the campaigns by destination and keywords relevancy.

 2) Followed Google’s best practices to create new ad copy and made sure we had the minimum ads required per ad group.

 3) Made bid adjustments based on historical data.

the creative approach

Following account restructuring, we pushed our game to the next level by installing some smart bidding scripts to bid only at a specific time each day. This is not as simple as it sounds, as a lot of research and testing is required to find the sweet spot where your keywords, bids, and budget work together to smash the ad rankings!

Opium Metrics

55.64% Total Sale Revenue

80% + website traffic

3476% Return Google 

Why It Worked

The main reason our approach worked was because we managed to achieve 100% Account Health check. As soon as we achieved that, we had plenty of time to focus on brainstorming and strategy, and that gave us a head start on our competitors!

We were also continuously analysing the results we were receiving and comparing them to previous periods to identify trends and opportunities and, of course, improve our existing campaigns.

Ad Customisers worked well considering the results from our Search Campaigns. More specific, the ads with customisers resulted to 948 conversions at a cost of just €3.07 per conversion.

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