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We brewed up a new brand pillar. Opium Works teamed up with craft beer bar Brewfellas to put its values front and center and visibly bolster consumer loyalty in an already crowded local field. Here at Opium Works we believe that loyalty is preserved through values and subsequently, consumers admire what companies stand for. After thorough research into audience behaviours, we discovered that consumers aren’t merely paying for a rare craft beer; they are paying for a beer from a bar that adheres to the same values they do. Brewfellas enlisted Opium Works to design and develop a website that would communicate to an alternative crowd.

Infused with rock ‘n’ roll nuances and bold typography, the site is comprised of features - such as company information, wholesale division and news - that provide insight into the definitive and distinct world of Brewfellas. By bringing the brand’s alt-cool elements into the open, our team established Brewfellas as the ultimate afternoon post-work stop for locals to unwind and be a part of something… unconventional. Opium Works defined this adaptive and intuitive website and summed up in one line: Beauty is in the eye of this beer holder. The website was built on our favourite Drupal 8 Content Management System. This gave our client full access and full ability to manage the variety of content.

Drupal is one of the biggest open source systems in the world and is built on principles of collaboration, innovation and customisation.

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