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Delfi Partners & Company is a boutique investment banking and real estate asset management and workout practice. The aim of the site is to showcase the company’s specialisation in providing value-enhancing strategies for financial institutions, investors and fund managers who are seeking to optimise their portfolios, bringing substantial know-how and a unique combination of investment banking experience, real estate asset management and optimisation services for large loan, asset and REO portfolios. 

We engaged an ultra-high-net-worth audience and generated desirability and confidence in Delfi’s services. Opium Works was appointed to design and develop the website, including logotype, a distinctive visual identity and content material, with a focus on a refined and timeless aesthetic. Our team integrated clean, straight lines and an adaptive grid layout, elevating the company’s services. We utilised black & white photography depicting marine life to accentuate the colours of blue, white and gold.

The website was built on our favourite Drupal 8 Content Management System. This gave our client full access and full ability to manage the variety of content. Drupal is one of the biggest open source systems in the world and is built on principles of collaboration, innovation and customisation. Make the system work just how you want it. 

Our web development services have now moved under a new business entity!

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