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The Project

During August-September 2020 we created a unique campaign for Zorbas Bakeries motivated by the Back to School period! The specific campaign was segmented into two creative units:

  • Unique stop motion Video Series
  • Lifestyle Shooting referring to Back to School period

The idea was to create something that both students and parents would connect with! To show the back to routine process, during different times of the day and how one can enjoy Zorbas Bakeries products throughout a whole day!


The Process

Unique stop motion Video Series 

A proposal was prepared with various ideas and executions. Once the aesthetic and general approach was agreed upon with the client, detailed scenarios and storyboards were created in order to settle on the final timeline of the story.

Here’s an outlined example of how it went:

  1. A new day is starting, the clock is ringing and breakfast begins getting prepared
  2. It’s midday! Snacking and Drawing is in order 
  3. Afternoon activities are over and the sweet tooth kicks in
  4. Dinner Time is here

Once we had the final storyboards, the marketing and design team joined forces in order to create the cut outs made from paper and cardboard that were used in the different stopmotions. The videos were created through a series of cut outs, a classic stop motion process and after effects elements to put everything together and give it life!

  • Lifestyle Photoshooting referring to Back to School period

A lifestyle photoshoot took place in order to complete the campaign idea and promote Back to School throughout the SM platforms for the whole of September! In order to complete the lifestyle photoshooting, a casting progress took place in order to find the ideal models for the lifestyle photoshooting. Specific concepts & scenarios were created and locations were chosen in order for the photoshoot to take place! 

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