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The Project

This project was focused on Purple Max Internet.

A slow or bad WiFi internet connection is every user’s nightmare! Imagine being a hard working adult, having an online interview for your dream job and your internet connection goes down. You just missed a huge opportunity for your career’s progression, just by making the wrong choice about your internet provider. This is what we wanted to exhibit to users: the kind of worst case scenarios about losing your internet connection, or as we like to call them, ‘Horror Stories’.

The campaign was focused on both Instagram and Facebook. Instagram’s main users and audience are young people, therefore it was chosen with the intention of targeting such an audience, as the content would be fun and entertaining!

With regards to Facebook, although many of its users may have moved over to Instagram, it remains the platform with the highest number of users, therefore it is ideal for raising awareness. In addition, our target audience for this project were students and young adults, so we could not skip posting our content on Facebook. 


The Execution

The first step of our project was to come up with scenarios for our horror stories that revolved around students and young adults and would be relatable to them. Then, we hired actors to participate in our videos, as well as a narrator for our horror stories. We created 3 horror stories with the following themes:

A student’s internet connection goes down while submitting his assignment and ends up losing his deadline. 
A young adult’s internet connection goes down while having an online interview and ends up losing her dream job. 
A hardcore gamer’s internet connection goes down in the middle of an important game and he ends up losing to his opponent. 
At the end of the videos, our narrator informs users that if they want to avoid these horror scenarios, they should get Purple Max Internet!

The Approach

In order to hype up users about this mini-campaign, we shared an interactive question and asked users what they believed would be the worst moment for them to lose their internet connection. We gained insights from this interactive story and users gave us some ideas for future horror stories scenarios! Then, we shared their responses as Instagram Stories! This was a fun way to create extra buzz.

The next step was to share a teaser video as a post and as a story for each of our Horror Stories scenarios, to make users guess what actually happened. The teaser period made our campaign more interesting, as it intrigued users about what was to follow. In some cases, we had higher engagement in the teaser videos, rather than the actual videos.

Finally, we shared our Horror Stories clips and heavily advertised them in order to maximize our engagement.


More than 1 million impressions for this campaign! 

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