Mitsides Illustrations

Mitsides is a renowned brand, owning a special place in every Cypriot’s heart. As one of the oldest brands of the island, Mitsides team always tries to keep up with the trends and think outside the box in order to connect with its customers and audience. 

The brand decided to take a different approach to their Instagram aesthetic and asked our team to present some creative ideas that would bring out the artistic identity of the brand, without missing their long-time values. Thus, we decided to create 12 hand-drawn illustrations to promote Mitsides products, by showing how you can use them! 


These illustrations will be used by the client for their 2021 calendar, for Instagram posts and Instagram stories. Each month is represented by a different illustration, giving the brand the artistic touched they needed. 

We have used dish pictures that Mitsides has given us, as a reference, but we came up with unique compositions to combine the products with the dishes and our illustrator used different tools and media to create the final images such as watercolours, pens and colour pencils. Also, we have digitally manipulated some images to correct colours, lines etc.


The final outcome is both creative and quite impressive since all of the illustrations are very realistic, making the brand stand out from the competition.    

So every month you can find these beautiful illustrations posted as regular posts, as well as stories in Mitsides Instagram account.


In numbers

The first Illustration post was in March. 

You can find the results of the illustration posts which we publish until now, below :

  • March: 351 Likes, 2 Comments
  • April: 504 Likes


Mitsides Illustrations

Mitsides Illustrations

Mitsides Illustrations

Mitsides Illustrations

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