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The Concept

Through decades of service, the Mitsides brand has become a household name that people know and trust. When it comes to product quality or unique recipe ideas, Mitsides is unrivalled. Our aim with this Christmas campaign was to capitalise on the recognition Mitsides enjoys in Cyprus and take our approach to a whole new level. The plan was to make the brand name Mitsides and make it synonymous with Christmas as a whole. From festive recipes to Christmas activities and everything in between, Mitsides would be the ultimate holiday hub for all of the customers’ holiday needs. We envisioned Mitsides as more than a food company, but more of a personal advisor and companion throughout the Christmas season.

The Execution

Our approach toward the aforementioned goals was multi-pronged and carefully laid out. We began the plan’s execution through a series of giveaways that would drive engagement and as a result, increase the campaign’s overall reach. 

Mitsides Christmas Campaign 2023
One of the main pillars of the plan was a very comprehensive series of Christmas-related blogs, posted every day leading up to Christmas day, as a sort of engaging and informative countdown to the big day of the season. These blogs covered every aspect of the holidays and were published in an order that would coincide with the needs of the readers at the time. Christmas recipes, alternative themes, activities, gift ideas, decoration tips, and many, many more, created the ultimate Christmas hub that customers could turn to for their every need and want. 

Mitsides Christmas Campaign 2023

The Results

It is safe to say that the Mitsides Christmas Campaign was a success, and then some! The organic results it achieved speak for themselves. The early giveaways, as well as the inclusion of reels in our approach, increased the campaign’s reach exponentially, which then allowed the blogs to drive the execution of our concept home!

Through the inherent diversity of the multiple blogs, the campaign managed to showcase the impressive variety Mitsides’ products boast, while at the same time tackling newly introduced topics and ideas.






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