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Taco Bell is a world-leading American-style quick service franchise. With over 6,500 restaurants, Taco Bell serves more than 36.8 million consumers a week! It first launched in Cyprus in 2010 and currently owns 4 restaurants in the island’s major cities. The challenge was three-fold. We had to localise the content by making it relatable to Cypriot culture, establish the Taco Bell restaurant on Themistokli Dervi as the ultimate dine-in destination and raise awareness around the Taco Bell products. All of this, while maintaining the brand vision and tagline “Sometimes you gotta Live Más,” which references the feeling of celebrating life and thinking outside the box. 

Social media is key when it comes to reaching and engaging with your audience. We launched two campaigns on Social media: one to promote Taco Bell products and another to promote the new restaurant on Themistokli Dervi street. Keeping in mind that our target audience consisted mainly of teenagers and young adults, our approach and tone of voice for both campaigns was light, casual, and humorous. Two celebrities or well known personalities face off by telling dad jokes to each other. The first one to laugh loses. Winner with the most points wins.

Video shooting will take place at Themistokli Dervi with a limited/open event to the people. Following the logic behind inbound marketing, which is customer-centric, we focused on attracting people by posting entertaining, quality content, promoting the products themselves more indirectly. This created excitement and hype around the brand, the new restaurant, and the products, which the two actors enjoyed during their face-off. The happy, positive vibes of this campaign were massively successful with our target audience!

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