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Ant1 Radio is a popular radio station broadcasting music across Cyprus. The radio station plays the latest and biggest Greek hits, and broadcasts a number of daily talk shows. Listeners can enjoy Ant1 Radio at 102.7 and 103.7FM, through the website, as well as the iOS and Android mobile apps that we built. For the website we used Thunder, the open-source, Drupal 8-based Content Management System. Ant-1 was a fun project to work on, giving us the chance to explore new and exciting design aspects. The biggest challenge about this project was to increase the Ant1 Radio web presence, and establish its presence in the digital era. We had to start wireframing the website while the company was in a rebranding process. Our aim was to build a fully responsive website from scratch, with a fresh, millennial-oriented design with vivid gradients and large titles. We arranged things according to content hierarchy, or each section’s level of importance.


On desktop, the website includes a navigation bar across the top, which includes: News, Events, DJs/Producers, Shows, Artists, and Playlists. The white background gives the website a tidy feel to it, and offers balance against the “louder” pink, purple, and blue hues that were chosen for the links, icons, and headers. At the bottom of the screen there is a fixed Play button that stays in place regardless of scrolling, which allows visitors to quickly tune in and listen to Ant1 Radio. The primary Call To Action on the homepage is the “Listen Live” bar, which can be seen at the bottom of the page. Current song title and artist information is available right next to the button, as well as information on the Last Played song. Aside from building the Anti-1 website, we created Android and iOS mobile apps that offer the same functionality. The applications feature the same colour patterns as the website in order to achieve a single, unifying element across all platforms. 

Much like the desktop site, the mobile applications include a Play button at the bottom of the screen, with information regarding the current track, as well as the previous Last Played song. The interface is neat, uncomplicated to use, and preserves the Ant1 Radio look and identity. Building uniform, fully functional apps and website allowed us to achieve our goal of easily reaching our millennial target group and increasing the Ant1 Radio online presence.


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