london credit


London Credit is a London-based lender providing business-purpose bridging finance loans to London-based borrowers and business owners. These loans are in turn provided as a short-term investment product to investors from all around the world.

London Credit helps British, European, and international professional investors, institutional clients, and high-net worth families to structure their business and manage syndicated and bespoke real estate, credit, and private investments.


Create a website that reflects the character of the business, and works well for its users. The design must highlight and match the forward-thinking aspects of the brand, as well as its professionalism and expertise, through a clean, minimalist approach. The main objectives? Clearly divide website into two main sections: Invest and Borrow, and deliver excellent UI/UX on both desktop and mobile.


The first step was to visually separate the two major services of the business, Invest and Borrow, and make them easily distinguishable from one another. We used the recognisable brand colours, red and blue, to highlight the sections with. To stick to the minimalist approach, we chose either white or grey for the rest of our texts and backgrounds.

By placing a Loan Portfolio in the Invest section, Case Studies in the Borrow section, and CTAs in both sections, we achieved a final result which clearly indicates the London Credit expertise and integrity, and invites visitors to get in contact. A third and final category, Knowledge Center, was placed at the bottom of the home page, and was used as a means to share extra information with the visitors, such as key industry publications and London Credit’s own news and events.


Large sans-serif fonts and ample white space also contributed

to making the website content easy to read and to digest.


London Credit is one of the most impressive websites that Opium Works has developed. It features a very clean and straight-to-the-point design that expertly highlights the 2 major London Credit services: the one for Investors, and one for Borrowers. The website was built on the Drupal 8 CMS. This enables our client to have full, easy access to the content, so they can manage it however they prefer. Content such as News, Events, Loans, Case Studies, and so on, can be fully accessed and managed by the client. Upon entering the website, visitors come across some cleverly designed features, like mouseover colour effects, accordions, animated statistics, sliding forms, maps, and more. The website is built under our favourite front end framework Bootstrap. Bootstrap is the most famous and most widely used environment for building fully functional, responsive designs. The website is fully responsive, meaning it adjusts to all devices no matter the screen width and height!


London Credit has two types of visitors looking at their website: people who are looking to borrow, and people who are looking to invest. The layout helps achieve a clear buyer’s journey that makes it simple for the visitor to understand what London Credit does and how they do it well.