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The Concept

Covve proudly presented a series of discussions with renowned anthropologist and evolutionary psychologist at the University of Oxford, Professor Robin Dunbar, famous for Dunbar’s Number, among several other academic works and distinctions. Professor Dunbar was invited to discuss the meaning and evolution of human relationships with Covve’s CEO, Mr. Yannis Gavrielides. Our team was tasked with the creation of the introductory animation that would accompany the video series, including any relevant in-video graphics that would further engage viewers with the topic at hand, and an outro with credits that would introduce the upcoming video to keep users informed. 
Understanding the importance of this task, given Professor Dunbar’s status and significance, we aimed to create a work that could be held to the same high standards as his exceptional work and Covve’s insightful achievements. 

The Execution

Our intention was to set the tone for the groundbreaking interviews right from the start. The intro animation had a rustic, modern vibe that still incorporated symbolic elements related to evolution. With the utilisation of stop-motion to weave a narrative that grabbed attention and transcended time, while also bringing the subject’s tone to a more friendly and casual level, we were able to create a striking and visually thought-provoking experience. The animation unfolded like a visual journey through time, with the black and white palette serving as a timeless canvas that delved into the universal aspects of human relationships. All these sentiments were further assisted by the curious and slightly playful music that accompanied it, in forming a profound interplay of the past, present and future, as well as intriguing viewers early on about the mindful conversations that would follow.

Furthermore, we landed on 'Wired to Socialize: The Science of Networking' for the main title of the video series, as it conveyed the core message of the interviews in an enthralling, modernised and relevant approach. Additionally, with numerous in-video graphics popping up throughout the conversations, we were able to further engage audiences, by not only maintaining a consistency in the visual presentation, but also in educating them through a diverse learning style that turned the series into an intellectually enriching experience.

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