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In the very saturated finance sector, PWC appointed Opium Works to design and develop a website that would place this powerhouse at the forefront of the Big Four. Building engagement would mean introducing an abundance of new content but it was essential that the site’s bread and butter - compelling services across a multitude of industries - not get lost in the shuffle.

Opium Works found the right hierarchy to surface these disparate functions on an elegant and adaptive site.

Our team integrated a publications page to interact with users and provide a deeper insight into the world of PWC. This of course required critical balance, because if not handled effectively, could harm the company’s core value. 

We weaved together a vibrant community with functional tools that proved PWC’s worth against the other glamorous rivals. We designed and developed a website that is simple, streamlined and accessible. To ensure brand synergy, the colour palettes and visuals were created in line with PWC’s global identity. 

The website was built on our favourite Drupal 8 Content Management System. This gave our client full access and full ability to manage the variety of content. Drupal is one of the biggest open source systems in the world and is built on principles of collaboration, innovation and customisation. Make the system work just how you want it. 

Our web development services have now moved under a new business entity!

Check out our sister company Tabs & Spaces for our latest development work and projects!

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