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The Client 

In just a year, Deliveryman grew tremendously and covered more areas across Cyprus. Due to COVID-19 and the quarantine measures issued by the government, more SME’s needed a delivery platform, in order to survive and continue serving their customers. That’s where Deliveryman took the opportunity to grow even more. The team added more than just food companies. Supermarkets, kiosks, gaming stores and gym stores, started using the platform in order to deliver to their customers with a trusting and easy way. The user can literally find everything they need without leaving the comfort of their home.

The Challenge 

As an industry leader, Deliveryman decided to follow a new branding approach towards a more contemporary, modern and fresh look. For the development of this new mobile app, the team recruited specialists from across the world and used state-of-the-art technology in order to meet the needs of their users, with the ultimate goal to attract more. As Cyprus went into quarantine due to COVID-19, Deliveryman became the platform that delivers everything at your door. They added several shops on their website and app; they went from delivering food and coffee to your go-to app, where you can find Papantoniou supermarket, ice-cream, kiosks and even video games. Yes, video games. All these changes need to be communicated with a fresh brand direction.

The Approach

The first step in the development of this new branding approach was to define the Deliveryman’s target audience, objectives and concerns. Then we constructed the new Deliveryman branding through the integration of its brand promise, brand value proposition and shared values. The brand essence was then extracted from the brand platform and a definitive positioning for the Deliveryman brand. This formed the foundation of all the design and creative routes that were explored and presented. Apart from the design and the new branding approach, we needed a new tagline to further capture the essence of the brand’s new promise. We came up with “Τα πάντα στη πόρτα σου” (everything at your door), which literally describes the brand since they deliver everything with their new delivery fleet. Once these elements were in place, we then ideated and developed visual concepts including a new color palette and brand graphical elements that formed the new brand identity and captured the Deliveryman's brand essence.



The strategy for the visual identity was to develop a distinctive branded graphical composition set that would be playful, fun and evoke feelings of warmth and comfort to young people as well as older digital-oriented consumers. The use of curvy graphical elements allowed the brand to create a special atmosphere full of life and positive energy through the use of color and composition. The illustrations contributed to the creation of a special connection between the brand and its clients. The approved conceptual graphic identity was then refined and extended to include primary and secondary visual language, color palette, typography, layout, etc. These were applied to the different touchpoints of the brand with its customers. They were also extended across all the digital applications including, social media material, mobile app, web banners, signature style, vehicles, promotional elements and website’s look and feel.

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