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The beloved Zorbas brand has created an online community through its social media channels which engages with its users through custom-created content that is produced on a monthly basis. As a brand that is part of every local’s day to day life, it needs to reflect its true values whenever communicating with its audience. This means being real, relatable and familiar to consumers. The brand has elevated its content and approach by replicating daily moments. It has been embraced by the community that shows its appreciation through engagement!

The Zorbas social media branding has taken a new turn in 2020, creating content that is familiar and relatable to the everyday life of the brand’s followers & consumers. Zorbas is a beloved brand that is part of almost every local’s day to day life and part of our daily moments. 

The Concept

It’s important that the content it presents creates a sense of relatability for the user and evokes a sense of comfort and trust, thus, steering up engagement in our well-founded social media community. To achieve this, we created in-house studio setups of kitchen benches, living room areas and office spaces. Our content adapts to each season and of course the current global situation with the pandemic.

During the summer months, we took to the beach to showcase our products as part of everyday summer life on our little island. During the unprecedented days of lockdown, we began sharing recipes and posts that would inspire our users to create their own meals or snacks at home- from omelette sandwiches to home-made pizza!

Our overall strategy has been to focus on the daily moments in which our products may be incorporated into rather than product display.

During the B2School period, our approach of relatability continued! During this period we had location shootings that allowed us to portray a family in a completely homey space. The results range from cozy breakfast on the sofa, lunchbox morning preparations and after school activities where a snack is a perfect pick-me-up.

Our campaign brought together these real family moments with a fun and innovative touch of stop-motion videos.

The stop- motion videos focused on the various B2School & Back to routine moments under the mini-campaign ‘Ώρα για’. Each of these four videos presents a specific typical moment during the day. Oh, and the whole thing was prepared entirely by hand- all the elements seen in the videos were hand-drawn, hand-cut and hand-placed!

October is widely known as ‘bread month’. During this month, we produced content that revolved almost entirely around bread. To do this we had to make sure our content wouldn’t end up being repetitive. We all know that there are dishes that are simply not the same without a piece of bread. And we all know that we have particular habits with how we actually consume or interact with fresh bread. Once again, all of our content for the month focused on exclusive moments one has with the product and how it changes or elevates the moment!


The WOW Factor

Our social media direction and strategy this year was designed in a way that allowed us to maintain our overall approach throughout the year, regardless of the circumstances. No matter what was going on in the world, we were successfully able to adapt without sacrificing or losing sight of our goal; to engage with our audience by focusing on their real and daily moments.

This is a completely holistic social media approach that has resulted in high engagement rates from the audience.

Our social media community is responding positively to our content be it with likes or comments. 

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