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WorkForce Cyprus is an HR Consulting service, working for both local and international clients, while also providing Career Guidance to individuals seeking out to enter the market. WorkForce trusted us with social media management and turned to us for more. They enlisted Opium Works to create vlogs and "Meet the team" videos with the sole aim to humanise the company. Our challenge was to raise awareness for WorkForce, as well as facilitate a direct communication channel between the staff and its clientele.

We demonstrated and informed the audience about the services and expertise that our client provides, so potential clients could rely on them. We created useful and highly engaging content for the WorkForce intended audience, to shine light on staff members. We produced 3 videos: The Cyprus Market & How to Find The Right Candidates, How to Nail an Interview, How the Hiring Process is Changing. People behind WorkForce appeared more approachable.

We kept audiences updated on the needs of the Cyprus work market and gave them tips on how to succeed in their interview... well, by advising WorkForce first. 

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