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When Pizza Hut launched its new family football deal, our challenge was to make the football game get-together, a Pizza Hut spectacle. To achieve this, we had to give a lot of emphasis to the feeling of the experience, concentrating on the fun, memorable moments shared between family and friends who bond over pizza on a game night. Pizza Hut simultaneously launched its World Cup TV ad with the retro approach of “finger football” in order to attract not only families but young adults, as well.

We developed the #UpYourGameDeal campaign with an adapted concept of finger football and tailored it to our market. We created a series of finger football micro-videos based on the concept of final score statistics shown on TV at the end of every month. The idea was to keep a score of how many slices of pizza, wings, or garlic breads each member of the family ate or lost to another member. 

Through this activation, we raised awareness and noticed a steady rise in the number of interactions. Pizza Hut is now more active on social media, upholding the level to a high standard.

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