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The Concept

Christmas is always a big deal for Pralina Confectioneries and Experience, and 2023 was no exception, as we decided to go above and beyond to promote why the brand is the ultimate destination for consumers’ Christmas escapades. Our approach for 2023 was multi-faceted, to fully grasp and convey everything that makes Pralina Confectioneries and Experience one of a kind. The plan was to highlight the sensorial and festive experience that visiting the establishment during the holiday season evokes, and connect them to the emotional engagement that the brand’s products and services generate to customers.

Pralina Christmas Campaign 2023

The Execution

#PralinaMagic became the culmination of all the aforementioned ideas and goals. A single hashtag that encompassed everything that sets Christmas time at Pralina Confectioneries and Experience apart from the competition. Through the production of visually appealing photos, tasteful reels, and captions that would effectively convey the core message of our campaign, we created the ultimate holiday experience for our target audience. The campaign’s colour scheme focused on the subtle dynamism and elegance that defines the brand, through a playful combination of pure white and festive red. These colours combined beautifully with the artistic scope of each dish and product to portray the magnificent sensation of the holiday season in Pralina Confectioneries and Experience.

Pralina Christmas Campaign 2023

The Results

Judging by the numbers recorded during the campaign’s run, it would be safe to say that our team’s coordinated effort more than paid off, as their sheer volume tells the story of an engaged target audience that made a connection with the brand and acted upon it.



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