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The Project 

In March 2017, Opium Works undertook the task to create a distinctive aesthetic for Beauty Bar - a thoughtfully-curated community for women. Creating Beauty Bar’s brand identity proved to be the biggest challenge, along with understanding the target audience.

A contemporary and edgy identity was required for Beauty Bar to differentiate itself from local competition and attract a discerning audience. After all, their slogan says, Be your own kind of beautiful.

The Approach

Since the brand isn’t internationally established but local and fresh, our first step was to raise brand awareness among Cypriot consumers. Raising awareness and creating hype around this unconventional local beauty brand was to then be followed by an aim to increase store traffic.

The Solution

Opium Works has helped Beauty Bar transform their digital marketing and branded-content presence online through social media, campaigns, education content and site. Rather than the standardized beauty images, we opted for a certain rebelliousness against the confines.

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