Beauty Bar is a local beauty retailer selling fragrances, makeup, skincare and bodycare products on the Cypriot market. The “Bar” has opened stores in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, and Paphos, and is a strong advocate for embracing one’s own unique, individual beauty. With the decor and lighting in-store mirroring the edgy, modern and youthful attitude of the brand, Beauty Bar actively and openly promotes originality, experimentation and boldness in identity expression. Their motto? Be your own kind of beautiful.


Since the brand isn’t internationally established but local and fresh, our first step was to raise brand awareness among Cypriot consumers. Raising awareness and creating hype around this unconventional local beauty brand was to then be followed by an aim to increase store traffic.


Research, research, research: a vital process in gaining a better understanding of our target audience and learning how to connect and engage with them effectively. In gaining insight we found that this brand appeals mostly to millennials, which helped us create and adopt the appropriate strategy in reaching our customers.

We decided to focus on enhancing our presence on Instagram, a platform that’s highly popular with our main demographic. Checking out the latest trends in the beauty industry and beyond was essential, so we could use references, quotes, and language that our target audience would appreciate and relate to the most. Our posting consistently includes product posts as well as a mixture of images of actors, bloggers, quotes from shows or memes, and latest fashion trends.

Creating posts unrelated to products allows us to bring an even bigger sense of diversity to our Instagram account and keep our feed exciting for our audience. This builds trusts between brand and fan base!


Each month we launch a different promotional campaign on Beauty Bar’s channels, advertising and communicating special offers available that month. Since we adapted a “trilogy” method to make our Instagram presence more attractive and consistent, these promotional product posts and offers had to still fit in with the larger theme and idea. Special templates are created prior to the launch of each promotional campaign so that the posts stay true to the brand identity and maintain a uniformity in mood and attitude.










The research that went into the preferences of our target audience paid off! Learning to speak your customers’ “language” allows you not only to communicate your products more effectively to them, but to also engage them using different kinds of posts that are more entertaining or conversational in nature, and unrelated to product promotion. This creates a loyal fan base and strong community of followers who rave about your brand and love to interact with it!