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In its many years of operation in the Cyprus market, Ellinas Finance has helped a significant number of companies to launch, develop and expand their operations while facilitating individual clients to achieve their personal goals. The company has a track record of contributing to developing entrepreneurship and supporting the Cyprus economy in a substantial and practical way.

A corporate website dedicated to financial news, facilities and blog news, Ellinas Finance has the look of an international brand, dedicated to help and develop local businesses. Highlighting the important aspects of their work, Ellinas Finance is staying on the top of their game. We also took on their social media and enhanced their presence through branded content and targeted advertising. 

Using the insights we gathered from the data analysis, we ensured that the social accounts of Ellinas Finance were effective in delivering the company's message across all channels in a coherent voice. 

opium metrics

65 posts

360,000 Reach

6,921 Engagement

510,329 Impressions

5,885 Clicks

44,783 Video Views


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