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The Organization was founded at the initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) as an umbrella organization and its shareholders are companies – importers of batteries liable in the Republic of Cyprus. The battery collection processes began on 1st June 2009. In 2018, Opium Works collaborated with Metaxas & Metaxas to boost and restructure the digital presence of the organization. Our social media strategy was focused on three main pillars: raising awareness for battery life; educating on the hazards of not recycling batteries, and building a loyal and long-lasting relationship with consumers.

In November and December 2018 we launched Trampolino and AFISMAN – two apps that enhanced the digital presence of AFIS and promoted battery recycling in a fun way. We utilised social media ads and google ads to invite audiences to play. Our team launched Google Display and YouTube ads in an effort to reach as many people as possible, grasping their attention and driving them to a landing page where they could watch a relevant and informative video. On Google Display, we made use of GIFs and HTML5 banners with impressive results. It’s important to mention that as this was a new account, we weren’t able to start immediately with HTML5 banners, so we made use of GIFs that we later replaced with HTML5.

That helped us get higher CTR and even better results. To this date, we have been implementing a social media strategy to raise awareness about battery recycling and improve the quality of life in Cyprus. To further strengthen the digital presence of this company, we developed and redesigned the new website and launched a competition that actively engaged with the organization's current tribe and boosted its online audience reach. 

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Opium Metrics

+3K Total Page Likes Growth in 6 months

+1K Growth in Instagram Followers 

30K Engaged Users 

+10% Total Reach 

30K-74K Video Views Daily Reach 

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