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In 2018, Opium Works collaborated with Metaxas & Metaxas to boost and restructure the digital presence of AFIS – a non–profit organization that was founded on the initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), aiming at the collection and management of Portable Electric Strips (PES or batteries). Our social media strategy was focused on three main pillars: raising awareness for battery life; educating on the hazards of not recycling batteries, and building a loyal and long-lasting relationship with consumers. Similar to Trampolino, another successful app was AFISMan – The Battery Recycling Hero. 

The game was launched in December 2018 across social media channels and at the Mall of Cyprus. Audiences had the opportunity to learn about battery recycling by playing the new game, with the chance to win a bike. Our team utilised social media ads and Google ads to invite audiences to play. Overall the campaign can be described as very successful, having in mind that had almost 1.5M impressions and 1,9K clicks on our ads. Our campaign performed better on Mobile Devices, with a total of 89% of the clicks.

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6,5K+ total participations

15M impressions

1,9K clicks on our ads

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