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In 2018, Opium Works collaborated with Metaxas & Metaxas to boost and restructure the digital presence of AFIS – a non–profit organization that was founded on the initiative of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), aiming at the collection and management of Portable Electric Strips (PES or batteries). AFIS social media strategy was focused on three main pillars: raising awareness for battery life; educating on the hazards of not recycling batteries, and building a loyal and long-lasting relationship with consumers. In 2019, we were challenged to promote the new website. Our team came up with a competition as the leading strategy, that would actively engage with the organization's current tribe and boost its online audience reach. 

By optimising call–to–actions (CTAs) in social media posts, we directed users to the website where they had to find all hidden batteries scattered across web pages. A pop–up banner that appeared in the center of the site informed visitors about the competition. When users had to submit their count, they were redirected to another page, where they had to enter the required information (email, name, surname and the number of batteries spotted). The new page was optimised for all tablets, ensuring that audiences were given the opportunity to provide their details seamlessly. Captions enticing audiences to visit the website, creation of banners and promoted Instagram stories with swipe–up call–to–actions assisted in the overall promotion of the campaign.

As a result, we had 1.5 million impressions and 1,7K+ ad clicks on Google. The average CPC was higher than previous campaigns we run in the past due to the reason that our previous competitions were game-related whilst the current competition had to do with website navigation. Our topic placement was the most successful as we targeted people related to: sports, hobbies and leisure, health, autos and vehicles. 

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Opium Metrics

2,3K total link clicks on Facebook 

1,4K total link clicks on Instagram 

1,7K total clicks on Google 

1,5M total impressions 


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