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The Client

SHARK Energy Drink plays the leading role in people's preferences and daily lifestyles, by skyrocketing their mood with refreshing energy. Cyprus is the first country in the world to launch SHARK Energy Vitamin B Power and SHARK Energy Vitamin C Xplosion. Their new flavors provide to consumers the everyday Vitamin Boost they need to increase their energy levels as well as the ability to recharge and regain power, especially during their daily busy schedule.

The Execution

We asked several influencers all over Cyprus to take part in a big local dance challenge, Da #DripDripDrop wave. Once we came to an agreement, and after a thorough brief, we provided the new SHARK Energy drinks and VANS shoes to all influencers. With inspiration from the choreography in the video clip, they were asked to create their own video in which they will dance, project their VANS shoes, and most importantly reveal their unique personality. Expressing their creativity and inspired by the SHARK Energy video clip, TikTokers created inspiring content and challenged their followers to participate in the #DripDripDrop challenge. Posting was done through TikTok and Instagram. The brief for their video was clear, as they had to use the original song, wear their VANS shoes, include a small choreography, the SHARK Energy B-Boost & C-Boost must be visible and challenge a friend. Finally, the usage of specific hashtags (#BOTB #DripDripDropWave #SHARKEnergy #NewInCyprus #BBoost #CBoost #VitaminBPower #VitaminCXplosion #Boostareis) and SHARK Energy stickers were added in the Influencers posts.

The Project

In collaboration with VANS, we launched a campaign for SHARK Energy Drinks. The main objective of this campaign was to raise product awareness for the launch of two new SHARK Energy products. VANS was a suitable collaborator as is the perfect fit for our ideal target audience. Young, fun, and full of energy!

The campaign was focused on the groundbreaking channel, TikTok! As one of the fastest-growing platforms, where young people are its main user and audience, it was chosen with the intention to target such an audience, as the content would be fun and entertaining! Even though Tik Tok has stolen Instagram’s glory -for a second there-, we could not ignore Instagram’s popularity and its young audience. On the other hand, many Facebook users might have moved to Instagram and Tik Tok, however it remains the platform with the highest number of users, therefore is ideal for reaching a high number of people.

The first step of our project was to create a new Instagram account exclusively for the new SHARK Energy products, and for the first time ever in Cyprus, a trap song was written exclusively for the launch of the new products, accompanied by a video clip. The stars of the video clip were a local trap singer who sang the song and local street dancers who took part in the choreography. Then we asked local influencers to participate in our campaign. The participation of influencers in our campaign was to ensure a high reach of our targeted message and objective.

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