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The Concept

In 2023, Rotos Group celebrated their 35th anniversary and we were tasked with turning this impressive landmark into an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. The way we went about doing this was with the production of an introductory video for the celebratory event. The video in question featured a full production around all of the group’s buildings located in Nicosia.

The first thing in the agenda was to decide on the video’s overall aesthetic and vibe. Rotos Group is all about modern excellence and cutting-edge services, and as such, we felt the most appropriate way to convey the company’s traits and values was through a video featuring sleek and professional visuals with clean lines and sharp images.

Another important aspect of the presentation was deciding on the direction of the voiceover that would accompany the video. The challenge presented was to effectively convey 35 years of history and experience in a concise, realistic and enticing manner. 

The Execution

Our experienced creative team put their best efforts in bringing the video together, and the final results speak for themselves. Starting with a fast motion effect we were able to showcase and tease all of the group’s fascinating work and communicate the fast-paced and modern traits that define the company. Through the use of panoramic and 360 shots we managed to accurately portray the exceptional and unique designs that the brand’s buildings are characterised by. However, in order to appreciate the full extent of the buildings’ one-of-a-kind designs, it was imperative to focus on their nuances and details. Therefore, we made sure to give ample time for the lines and textures to shine throughout the video.

Furthermore, an intricate and carefully worded script was prepared for the video’s voiceover. By methodically choosing the right words, and placing emphasis on the most important aspects of Rotos Group as a brand, we achieved the initial goal of effective and intriguing brevity. Since the video was made for an anniversary, it went without saying that a focal point would be the group’s history and experience. Through this brief retrospective we had the opportunity to showcase the group’s entire journey through these thirty-five years, as well as their accomplishments and overall accolades. Finally, it was very important to speak about the company’s future goals and aspirations.

The last step of the process was to expand upon this concept all over social media as a way to maximise reach and engagement. This was achieved through a series of quote cards we prepared, as well as a short video of the event. 

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