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The Client 

Cablenet Telecommunications Systems is one of Cyprus’ largest telecommunications companies. It is the only independent alternative telecommunications provider in Cyprus offering broadband, fixed telephony, television services through its wholly-owned cable infrastructure and mobile telephony. In addition to home services, Cablenet offers high-quality services that have been developed based on the needs of all levels of business and corporate customers.

Social media relationship 

The Opium Works - Cablenet social media relationship began in late 2020 and we are excited to have joined the telecommunications industry.

For this client, we handle 2 social media accounts that are present on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

These accounts are categorized as:

  • Cablenet Cyprus- all telecoms services are incorporated here, from Home to Business. This page is present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  • Cablenet Sports- everything Sports can be found on these Facebook and Instagram pages and of course YouTube for the hardcore enthusiasts.

The Execution

To manage these pages and the variety of services, we created a Social Media Strategy that covers each of the client’s accounts across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn and allows for consistency and cohesiveness across all social media presence.

Our Strategy for Cablenet Sports focuses on a sports fans' audience, creating engaging content based on the latest sports news, keeping users up to date on the latest games all while raising awareness around the client’s Sports TV packages.

The Strategy for the Cablenet Cyprus pages, provides a breakdown of each service that the provider offers ranging from TV, Mobile, and Internet, and identifies a specific target audience for each one. This way, using relevant content and strategic advertising we create awareness around the services, reach new potential customers and solidify our relationship with the existing customers.




Cablenet’s LinkedIn page is dedicated to Cablenet Business, focusing on a corporate audience varying from Small to Medium to Large enterprises and showcasing the vast range of Cablenet’s Business Solutions.

For each page and each pillar, our strategy always maintains a focus on sales for our client. This means we are constantly updating our ads with the latest enticing offers!

Being the fun brand that it is, this is a brand to watch out for on social media as it is constantly surprising winners and especially loyal subscribers with great competitions! Whether you're a TV lover or an avid Sports fan, if you’re a Cablenet subscriber, you can only benefit from following these pages and accounts. 

The Goal

Our goal is to create awareness around Cablenet’s Services and further showcase the brand as the Cypriot Telecoms company that offers high-quality services at an affordable price.

Since the Telecommunications industry is very active and competitive on Social Media, our goals follow a strategic plan to increase awareness and generate traffic, through engaging content and strategic advertising, while creating a community with engaged users who trust the Cablenet brand.

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