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The Project

In 2020 our collaboration with Henkel began with managing a number of their social media pages.

Through this collaboration Henkel trusted us with the creative process for the creation of local content, allowing us to brainstorm and create unique visuals. While working on our ideas we proposed innovative content as we wanted to offer a creative twist to our online appearance. Some of those ideas included stomotion animations, 3D animations, GIFs and .. illustrated cut-outs!

The process of creating a stop-motion animation that includes illustrated cut-outs requires organisation but beneath it, there are fun and exciting steps in preparing for the outcome!    

the concept

We wanted to promote Syoss Oleo Intense hair dyes with a twist. Our call to work with the specific product was based on the need of this amazing product to be promoted in an unforgettable way! Syoss Oleo Intense is a permanent hair dye with an oil based formula for premium care. The ammonia-free hair dye provides supreme care, rich long-lasting color and strong healthy-looking hair!

A collaboration of the marketing and design team began and we prepared a story-board; based on that created a series of illustrations that matched our desired aesthetic! From that point onward the fun mode was ON! We printed and cut through our illustrations, we set them up on the desirable height and a traditional stop-motion process began! Once we had all of our static photos, we worked using After Effects to compose the final animation with fun background music and showcase the steps that should be followed by anyone who wants to use the specific product at home.

We are super excited to share our insights, our process and the final animation! 

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