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The Brand

WTF, also known as “Where’s the Food?”, is a quirky and fun Instagram channel all about food and easy recipes. Through its unique vibe and original content, WTF promotes KEAN’s impressive product variety, stretching from cold cuts and snacks to juices and everything in between. Over the past few years, WTF has brought its authentic ideas and overall creative “madness” to every student home across Cyprus, and continues its upward trajectory without showing any signs of stopping.

KEAN WTF 2023 SM Management

The Strategy

Having already established KEAN and “Where’s the Food?” as constant sources of laughter, ideas and inspiration for people all over Cyprus, the next step of our strategy was specifically focused on growing the brand’s Instagram and TikTok followership to further spread the word of WTF and cement its place in the daily lives of people across the entirety of Cyprus.

For WTF, 2023 was a year of exploring new concepts and ideas and creating an unmistakable visual identity for the brand.

After several brainstorming sessions and a yearly content strategy that would allow us to experiment with new projects, we created branded merchandise, such as novel t-shirts and shocks, and designed our very own branded WTF content creation kitchen studio!

KEAN WTF 2023 SM Management
KEAN WTF 2023 SM Management

The Execution

Our holistic approach to the channel’s new content was achieved through numerous food-related concepts, such as our evergreen content pillars, #Threesome, #10MinRecipe and #Origins, which presented smart and simple recipes in their own distinct fashion. KEAN’s products were also promoted through original statics and creative reels that were perfectly aligned with the channel’s unique identity.

To generate follower interest in interacting with our content we included level-up content in our schedule, by organising competitions and giveaways, such as our collaboration with K-Cineplex, as well as multiple offline activations in the streets and malls of Cyprus.

KEAN WTF 2023 SM ManagementNaturally, we wouldn’t miss the opportunity to create inspired seasonal content for Easter, Halloween, Christmas and every other significant period of the year, as this is one of the most effective and direct ways of making social media users interested in your brand and content.

Finally, the most multifaceted and intriguing part of our strategy was the special content we prepared which included recurring influencer collaborations for the creation of multiple cooking series with their own narrative and improvised feel to them. These reels have proven to be very successful and popular as they highlight everything that sets “Where’s the Food?” apart from other food channels, with many becoming viral across both platforms and generating vast interest from our target audiences. 

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