Mitsides Instagram Stickers

With the continuing growth of the brand, our client needed to engage more with its Instagram audience. Together we decided to create more engaging yet branded content to be uploaded as Instagram stories. The goal was to connect with the audience through playful content that had the Mitsides identity. 

In order to meet our client’s expectations, we came up with two Instagram stickers, giving our audience the ability to engage with the brand by using them on their own content related to Mitsides products. 


We needed to create stickers that would represent a wide range of Mitsides products, so we decided to include pasta and flour. 

Both stickers are fun, playful and branded with Mitsides colours in order to be recognizable.

The first one is a Mitsides package “shooting” pasta out while the second one is a recreation of the logo with the famous villager, dressed in the traditional Cypriot uniform, making something out of flour. 


Our creative team used the following Adobe programs for the stickers’ creation:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

We launched the two Mitsides Insta Stickers during the quarantine. Coincidentally, this unique moment in history helped us kickstart this project, as more and more people started cooking and baking. These activities were documented in their Instagram stories and they used the two stickers that we created for our client, to engage with the brand and their followers, with more playful content. 


In numbers:

The Instagram Stickers were live in early April. Within one month we had the following results:

  • Total Views: 65.5K
  • Logo-Flour Sticker: 42.1K Views
  • Pasta Sticker: 23.4K Views 



mitsides Stickers

mitsides Stickers

mitsides Stickers

mitsides Stickers

mitsides Stickers

mitsides stickers

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