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Opium Works was appointed to build a coherent and interactive social media presence for world-renowned chain restaurant Taco Bell. What began for Taco Bell in 2010 - with assistance to their in-house digital marketing activations - was launched in full force in December 2011. Our team implemented a marketing strategy that would entice the younger audience. Attracting the millennial attention—and finding creative ways to accommodate their new behaviors, tastes and routines—wasn’t easy. But we aimed to inform consumers about the tantalising, Mexican-flavoured products, increase store traffic, maximize reach and ultimately make Taco Bell… cool. One of the cardinal rules of tactile marketing strategies is the implementation of Facebook games. 

Facebook games engage people’s competitive nature and can grow a brand’s reach. Therefore, our team came up with three Facebook micro–games to further aid to Taco Bell's awareness. Our first Facebook game for Taco Bell was Mexican Challenge. Users were invited via Facebook Ads to enter the game and like the page in order to win coupons for the then new Taco Bell store in Mall of Cyprus.  Users could play the Taco Bell Slot Machine, and win products. In order to get more turns, the user could invite friends. The results were outstanding, with more than 10,000 users playing the game, producing more than 25,000 coupons. The redemption rate was indeed huge with the customer reporting a 25% redemption rate. 

The second micro–game we came up with was entitled, Memory. Users were invited via Facebook Ads to enter the game and like our page in order to win coupons and the grand prize: an “iPad”. The game was based on the simple match 2 memory game, which is widely known by most users. On each tile, we had Taco Bell products, so that users could learn and memorise our key items. Upon successful completion of the game, they were also enabled to play a third micro–game, entitled Spin the wheel. It enabled users to win coupons and enter the draw for the grand prize. We had more than 12,000 participants and that aided in a significant increase to Facebook page likes.

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