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The Concept

Christmas is an intense marketing period, with every brand throwing its hat in the ring to win over consumers during the holidays. SHARK Energy Drink has never been about following trends or conforming to conservative ideas. SHARK’s consumers seek thrill, adventure and above all, they play by their own rules. Our idea was to combine SHARK’s rebellious spirit with the essence of Christmas in an interesting clash that would create something entirely unique.

Who embodies a naughty and breakaway spirit during Christmas, if not the Grinch?

Based on this idea, we decided to design our Christmas approach around our own version of the Grinch, by creating ‘the beast’ that SHARK ‘brings out’.

However, in SHARK’s case, our character wouldn’t be opposed to Christmas as a holiday, but would encourage people to live the festive season in their way, and always fully energised!

SHARK Energy Drink Christmas 2023

The Execution

Capturing and effectively conveying the mischievous and mysterious nature of the character without it coming across as obnoxious or negative was a very thin line. However, we treaded it very successfully through a series of posts, stories, statics, and reels that told the tale of the ultimate Christmas rascal that was out to make everyone’s holidays more fun, more energised, and more ‘SHARK’. Daily affairs become a pure joy during SHARKmas, thanks to our character’s unique sense of humour, unrelenting energy, and eye for mischief. 

SHARK Energy Drink Christmas 2023

Visually, the campaign encapsulated the energetic spirit of the season by portraying the Grinch’s hand in different scenarios, which we recrafted in a black colour to keep up with the branding of SHARK Energy, which resulted in a distinct new style that retained its unmistakable SHARK essence, while allowing for a neutral canvas that let the products themselves be the protagonists and visually pop out.

 SHARK Energy Drink Christmas 2023

The Results

Our latest Christmas campaign ended up as a resounding success, backed by the impressive numbers it recorded. By focusing on the uncompromising nature that defines SHARK as a brand, and combining it with an out-of-the-box festive approach, we were able to ‘bring out the beast’ and help it achieve its full potential.

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