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The Client

Leptos Calypso Hotels is a leading hotel chain currently operating in Cyprus and Greece. From holiday resorts to 3-star and 5-star hotels, the company aims to provide the ultimate experience in hospitality while allowing guests to discover the local architecture and cuisine.

The Project

For this project, we had to create content for the social media accounts that would cover all parts and facilities of the hotels. We photographed the hotel’s rooms, suites and details in the rooms and around the hotel, we hired models to showcase and photograph the food each restaurant serves in order to make the experience relatable and personalized and showcase it in a way that says to potential guests, ‘’This can be you”. We also photographed the pool area, hotel facilities, and hotel spa.

We spent 4 full days in Paphos - 3 days at Coral Beach Hotel and 1 day at Paphos Gardens. This photoshoot was without a doubt, a challenge for all of us but what a great experience it was!

The Challenges

Hotel photography presents a challenge in that there’s a looot to photograph and a lot to fix before photographing - for example, wrinkled bed sheets. This might seem minor and probably unnoticeable when physically standing in the room but through the lens of a camera it becomes obvious. We also had to figure out the best angle to photograph the whole room in order to showcase its size, what the view is like and what's included in the room. Moral of the story - attention to detail is key.

The Content

Our main goal was to create content for social media while thinking outside the box and shying away from the typical hotel photography by turning our focus on the details. We aimed to photograph the hotel in a way that it hasn’t been photographed or seen before and give it a fresh look.

We produced work that expresses the hotel’s aesthetic & personality, showcases the facilities, food selection, the fine details, the art on the walls and the different colour scheme of each room, in order to show potential customers what their holidays will look like at Leptos Calypso Hotels.

The photoshoot itself as well as the editing process were challenging because we ended up with a lot of photographs, but in the end, we were super pleased with the outcome. For this one - we all gave ourselves a pat on the back. :)

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