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The Client

With 152 years of experience, MetLife is a global leading innovator and a recognized leader in protection planning and retirement as well as savings solutions.

‘We have established a strong presence in more than 40 markets globally through organic growth, acquisitions, joint ventures and other partnerships. We are strengthening our global brand by extending core products and competencies to markets around the world – an important driver of growth for the enterprise’. That’s how MetLife describes itself on its website.

Following the global success, MetLife Cyprus has had a presence since 1995 and holds 4th place in Life, Accident & Health Insurance, with individuals across the country, who protect and secure their lives, belonging to MetLife’s customer list.

The Approach

“The anthropocentric model” of human resources and customer management is a significant USP, linked with the company’s profile and widely known to the existing or potential customers.

The name of the company is connected with Trust, Loyalty, Ιmmediacy and Validity. Therefore, these would be the main pillars of our communication on SM to generate awareness and connect the brand with the local community.

Our main focus was to show the vision of the company, creating a friendly yet professional channel for existing or potential customers to know better the insurance programs offered, while learning useful information about our actions and positions worldwide. 

Our Goals

Through its Social Media presence, a company like MetLife can build its authority and enhance its presence in the local market. Obviously, this is our first goal, and we build on it using the solutions MetLife provides to highlight its USPs and promote the company’s milestones to establish trust.

Moreover, it was very important to us to be connected with our users, showing the beliefs and visions of Metlife, providing content that differentiates MetLife and reflects brand values. To strengthen our relations with our followers, we show the activities of the MetLife Foundation and use a lot of educational and informative posts related to green activities and positive life-living.

Το achieve these goals we identified what matters to each target group of our audience, and helped them understand insurance value, by providing relevant information with the necessary solutions for them. 

Also, we use simple but emotional language, humanizing the brand without losing our professional character. Our main goal is to inspire the users and motivate them to make the most of their time, by informing them about trending topics and facts, along with interesting details, and information.

A very important part of the success of our approach has been the design of our Social Media posts. In order to have consistency on our posts, we created branding templates, making our visuals unique and memorable. Also, we separated our content into corporate visuals with a feeling of a positive working environment and more lifestyle visuals that picture people in everyday life, well-being images and landscapes. Our approach is close to our strategy to empower our messages and evoke the right emotions to the right target groups.

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