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The Client

The United Dance Organisation (UDO) has been on a mission since 2002 to empower and inspire young talents through the art of dance, by also making diverse types of dance inclusive and accessible for all. The UDO Cyprus Open 2024, a premier dance competition in Cyprus, seeks to further establish this mission by drawing talented dancers from both local and international communities and providing them with a platform for showcasing their unique skills, from contemporary and jazz dance genres all the way to streetdance and commercial dancing.

Having all its principles and values set, our task for the UDO Cyprus Open 2024 was clear: to augment participation from dancers and attract a broader audience from across Cyprus.

UDO Cyprus Open 2024

The Objective

The primary objective of our creative campaign was twofold: to stimulate increased interest and participation from dancers in order to elevate the calibre of performances at the competition, and to raise awareness among the general populace of Cyprus and welcome as many guests as possible to witness the art form of dance at its finest. Ultimately, our goal was to establish the competition as a renowned cultural event, ingrained in the fabric of Cyprus’s entertainment landscape, and showcase its exciting and entertaining attributes in order to attract a large audience to apply or book their tickets for the competition. 

The Execution

We comprised a thorough marketing approach that was based on using a vibrant and optically communicative visual approach that would entice audiences and raise their interest and awareness. Through social media posts, billboards and flyers, we were able to create a coherent, attractive and appealing visual direction that would ensure maximum exposure across different mediums, both online and offline, enticing people to participate and attend.

Additionally, the visual approach was also implemented for the creation of a roll-up banner that would eventually be utilised for all the photo-ops for the participants of the competition.

Lastly, our commitment went even further by attending the events of the competition ourselves, to gather important material for the creation of video content that would further showcase the results of the competition and amplify the awareness and reach that we were after. Through captivating interchanges, trendy music, and an overall celebration of dance, our video content creation further communicated the reputable dance competition and increased engagement with the audience, as well as the awareness of the UDO Dance Open for upcoming years.

Our objective was more than met, as the results exceeded the client’s expectations, gathering 900 dancers and 2000 spectators, thus expanding the reach of the art of dance in the spectrum of Cyprus. 

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