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The Client

Moshi Moshi is a Japanese Restaurant based in Nicosia. Moshi Moshi introduced itself in December 2020 to the people of Nicosia with a variety of select, tasty, Japanese dishes such as salads, sashimi, bao buns and the infamous Moshi Moshi sushi rolls.

An outstanding and unforgettable experience enjoyed in the comfort of your home , via Delivery or Take-Away! The selected ingredients, the understanding of Japanese culture & cuisine and the love of the Chefs throughout all stages of preparation are what leave you with a ‘Wanna-try-everything’ feeling!

The Challenge

A new brand that emerged during a rough period of a worldwide pandemic and a bold move since most restaurants were shutting their doors, Moshi Moshi opened theirs! As a team we wanted to create unique branding that would gain curiosity from everyone that wanted to try it and something that would last a lifetime.

One of the first steps was understanding our audience, the Look & Feel we wanted someone to get by looking at the branding and what we actually wanted to say to people. Are we a serious sushi restaurant where one can come and eat with his colleagues? Are we a restaurant that is fun and funky? The answer?! All the above! 

Our Approach

Through a discussion with our client and two different questionnaires, we found the idea of what our Look & Feel needed to be. Having a visual understanding from the physical store, we wanted everything to be in sync. The Moshi Moshi logo emerged through its name! Moshi Moshi means “Hello” in Japanese.

And what’s a better way of saying “Hello” than with a Lucky Cat greeting?! Then, a combination of the look & feel we had in mind with the Lucky Cat greeting everyone that came in contact with our brand, pushed us into the final direction. A funky, artistic, and unique branding that was connected with the Japanese culture and combined the name, the love and craziness of the Moshi Moshi brand!! 

The Execution

To put all of this together, our creative and marketing teams joined forces. Our marketing team set out to understand the client, the brand and the needs. The creative teams were then briefed and put pen to paper to draft the concept for the brand.

A Tone of  Voice was created to establish clear communication guidelines to make the brand recognizable and ensure it’s always consistent. The designs then came into play to solidify the brand all together, giving it its visual identity which is undoubtedly unique and representative of the brand’s quality!

We’re proud to have been part of this brand's fruition and bringing it to life. 

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