EPIC Unlimited plan

We designed and implemented the overall communication strategy for the Unlimited plan campaign of EPIC telecommunication company. EPIC is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Cyprus and trusted us in creating a hype around their new and revolutionary mobile plan, Unlimited.

After researching and following global trends, we came to the decision to invite influencers who, through a series of their own posts and a final interview, would inform us how the new EPIC Unlimited plan has helped them in their daily lives and work, mentioning the advantages, they've experienced themselves.


Influencers were following a specific plan, that encouraged them to post daily, at different times and communicate the plan with their social media followers and create buzz around it by indirectly inviting consumers to discover the benefits of the product and how well it fits in their daily life.

Finally, we invited the influencers in our studio and asked them to tell us about their experience. 

Ivi Mare
Frou Frou
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