MoneyGram Cyprus: Diwali Digital Campaign
The Campaign

In 2020, Opium Works collaborated with Ellinas Finance and MoneyGram International for the promotion of a special Diwali offer. MoneyGram International allows you to send money directly to a bank account or mobile wallet in selected countries, with India being one of them. 

Diwali is one of the largest celebrations of the country, where Indians are honoring their family and those lost. That’s why our campaign targeted Indians specifically and reminded them that even though they are away from their families and the country’s celebrations, they can still offer to them through MoneyGram’s services. 


The Strategy

Our social media strategy was focused on two main pillars: reaching as many Indians that live in Cyprus and persuading them to click (traffic) on the ads and take advantage of the Diwali offer in order to send money to their countries, faster and cheaper.

Our team launched Google Display and Social Media ads in an effort to reach as many people as possible, grasping their attention and driving them to a landing page. 

On Google Display, we made use of static and HTML5 banners with impressive results.




Opium Metrics


Impressions: 382,944

Clicks(All): 2,010

CPC(All): €0.55 

CTR(All): 0.52% 

Link Clicks: 1,092 

CPC(link click): €1.01

CTR (link click): 0.29% 



Impressions: 3,083,757 

Clicks: 13,305 

CPC: €0.14 





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