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Tornado team is passionate about everything they do and is determined in making every racing dream come true.

When the pandemic hit, they decided that it was time to bring Tornado to life!

Racing. Speed. Cars.

The challenges

The real challenge was to get a powerful photograph of the car during the race. It's a patient game of waiting. To capture a photograph of the car in sharp focus but with a blurred background, and getting the framing on point, we had to take countless photographs to get one that meets all the criteria. And we did it!

For the Techies out there

The key to show motion in car racing is to choose a slower shutter speed that will capture the pace, but also the details. First things first, the camera has to be on a tripod. Then, to set up the camera: add a slower shutter speed ranging from 1/60 to 1/250 depending on how fast the car is, low ISO, and an f stop ranging from f.4 - f.5.6. Last but not least, we prefocused our lens to where we believed the car would pass to make sure it would be in focus. We’ve laid the foundation now it's up to experimentation.

We certainly made the most of the opportunity to cover the race and capture some dynamic shots and we’re pleased with the outcome.

What an amazing experience!

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