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The Client

Unihalls, as a premier student accommodation in Nicosia, Cyprus, offers a blend of luxury living and community-centric amenities tailored to meet the needs of its student residents. With a commitment to creating a vibrant, relatable and productive social atmosphere where students can thrive in, Unihalls wanted to enrich the experience it offers its residents by expanding its online presence and engagement within the student community.

The Objective

We constructed a thorough social media marketing plan that encompassed all required aspects to skyrocket the brand online and meet its objectives. We focused on reach and engagement as our KPIs, as we wanted to ensure that Unihalls would remain an actively charismatic and friendly account on social media, with Instagram and TikTok being our primary communication channels, as that’s where our key target audience resides the most.

The idea was to foster a sense of community among students in Cyprus and beyond, by encouraging active participation, meaningful interactions and engaging conversations on social media through our informative, playful and intriguing content. Similarly, we aimed to amplify the brand’s visibility and resonance by remaining relevant to the interests, wants, needs and preferences of our target audience with fun and interactive content.  

Unihalls SM Management 2023/24

The Execution

To achieve our objectives, we focused on crafting our evergreen thematics that would be the baseline for reaching out to a larger audience and place Unihalls as the account to follow for all student-related matters. We wanted our content to be shareable and saveable, and above all, to offer value to our audience, whether it was through tips, advice, inspirational quotes, or even humorous memes that would resonate with their reality and showcase the brand as approachable and relatable.

Unihalls SM Management 2023/24

Recognising the impactful power of visual storytelling, our social media strategy also hugely relied on video content creation. Our Instagram reels and TikToks showcased various facets of life in Cyprus, making the transition more viable and easy for students, along with the unique experience of residing at Unihalls, practical tips for enhancing their social and academic life, as well as seasonal highlights with real-time relevance. Many videos were on the verge of being globally viral, as they managed to foster a deep connection with the student community and resonated with their primary interests and experiences.

Finally, through numerous activations, such as competitions, giveaways, interactive Instagram stories, and offline events, such as movie nights and parties, we were able to further reinforce our social media presence, garner a much larger following and gain real-time engagement. 

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